Week 13

Tuesday Final Project sites due

Thursday Feedback to site authors by 8 AM. In class we will talk through feedback and prepare for the final presentations

Week 14 & 15

Public presentations of projects will take place during the last two weeks of classes. The presentations may be “attended” by faculty and administrators from other COPLAC institutions and will be posted on the course and/or COPLAC websites. Please post on your course blog a final “Research Reflection” by noon on the day of your presentation. (Do post your reflection before Tuesday the 6th if you are able as we will likely have an influx of interested readers by the 6th.)

Tuesday December 6 Presentation

Abby Shepherd, Keene State College, “The Women of Keene State: An Exploration through Personal Narratives”

Thursday December 8 Presentation

Emily and John, SUNY Geneseo, “Foundations of Knowledge at SUNY Geneseo: Narrating the Public Liberal Arts: An Exploration of General Education and the Humanities Sequence”

Tuesday December 13

Presentation by Casey and Julia, UNC Asheville, “An Educational Narrative on the University of North Carolina at Asheville and the Liberal Arts”

Part One (weeks 1-5) and Part Two (weeks 6-12)

The schedule for the semester is divided into three parts: weeks 1-5 will focus on local institutional histories, higher education in the United States during the twentieth century, and the theory and practice of the digital humanities; weeks 6-12 will be dedicated to the collaborative research project that tells the story of your public institution and to building institutional web sites; weeks 13-15 will be devoted to completing the projects and presenting the final product of your work this semester

Please note well that the schedule for this course is set up to accommodate three different campus calendars. Importantly, the schedule is dynamic and will change as we move forward with the collaborative project and respond to the practical needs of the student teams and the individual interests

Part One: Weeks 1-5

Week 1 September 5-9
We will have no class meetings this week. Students will receive an email with information about the course and instructions for accessing the course blog and laying out and formatting individual course blogs on Word Press. Read “Blogs and Blogging” and “Setting Up Shop”

Sunday: DUE: Research Reflection 1: What is the Story?

Week 2 September 12-16

Tuesday Introduction to the Class

  • Welcome from Bill Spellman, Director of COPLAC
  • Class Expectations and Responsibilities
  • Overview of Campus Resources: Librarians, Information Technologists, Archivists, Additional Campus and Community Resources
  • Word Press Charrette: Asking Questions, Addressing Problems, Working to Solutions

Thursday Starting Out, Keeping On

  • Introduction to Project Contracts, Project Timelines
  • Institutional Review Boards (IRB) and Research Ethics
  • Technology: Building A Press Kit and Archival Quality Oral Interviews
  • What is the Story? Discussion of preliminary findings and first posts on student blogs

Week 3 September 19-23

Tuesday Local Histories, National Narratives: Post-Secondary Education in Twentieth Century America

Looking ahead to next class: The Serviceman’s Readjustment Act of 1944 (GI Bill) and other readings. See “Monday Update” for reading list, links, and writing prompt for the week. What calls out to you from the readings? Everyone be ready to participate! Bring to class one or two observations, questions, about the readings. We will all share these notes first and then go from there

Thursday Local Histories,National Narratives: Higher Education in the Twentieth Century America; discussion of readings

  • Readings and Discussion: The Serviceman’s Readjustment Act of 1944 (GI Bill) and other readings. See “Monday Update” for reading list, links, and writing prompt for the week
  • Schedule team meetings for next week

Looking Ahead: Team conferences. Sunday DUE: Research Reflection 2 posted on blog

Week 4 September 26-30

No scheduled class sessions this week.

  • Team conferences: Cole and Mark will meet with student teams: Tuesday at 2:00: Abby Keene State College
    Thursday at 2:00: Casey and Julia UNC Asheville
    Thursday at 2:30 John and Emily SUNY Geneseo
  • Reading and Reflecting on the Definitions and Practices of the Digital Humanities (Readings)

Sunday: DUE Research Reflection 3

October Fall Break: KSC Friday 14; Truman Thursday 13 and Friday 14; SUNY Geneseo Monday October 10- Tuesday October 11; UNC Asheville Monday October 10 Tuesday October 11

Week 5 October 3-7


  • DUE: Contracts due.  Post on your blog with the title “Project Contract” and assign post to Category called “Projects.” Include outline of planned site, sources and tools to be used, and a timeline with specific milestones / schedule with a draft completed by Week 11 and final revised version by Week 14


  • Share updates on your progress and conversations about writing contracts

Sunday: DUE Research Reflection 4

Part Two: Weeks 6-12

Mark and Cole are available on Tuesdays between 2-4, by appointment,  to work with project teams

Week 6 October 10-14

Thursday October 13: Project Charrette

Sunday: DUE Research Reflection 5

Week 7 October 17-21

Thursday October 20: Project Charrette

Sunday: DUE Research Reflection 6

Week 8 October 24-28

Thursday October 27: Project Charrette

Sunday: DUE Research Reflection 7

Week 9 October 31-November 4

Tuesday November 1: Cole and Mark are available to meet with project teams by appointment

Thursday November 3: Project Charrette

Checklist for Week 9:

Course Blog

  • Complete your 8th Research Reflection by Sunday evening
  • Add the Category “Research Reflections” to each of your blog posts
  • Add any tags to each of the posts in your collection of Research Reflections
  • Convert all URLs in your posts to links
  • Consider the title of each of your Research Reflections. Make concise but make descriptive
  • Add relevant links (Your College, your Library Archive, a story on the College web site, COPLAC, etc.) to your Links or Blogroll
  • Add Categories to your Links Widget. (For example, you might have links under “Geneseo” and you might have links under “External links”)

Project Site

  • Add a License to your Project Site using Creative Commons Attribution International License. To recall the reasons and protocols for doing this, see the Weekly Update Create Manage License on the NAPLA blog
  • Consider adding social media icons to your site. This will require you to go to your WP Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Search Plugins
  • Make a list of design features of your site. We have encouraged you to look at “exemplar” sites that allow the designer to organize and present information. Then browse or search WP themes.
  • Use the list of design features of your site to search WP plugins Then browse options for what you are looking for. For example, you might be looking for an image scroll, slider, or carousel; an image or a video gallery; a video embed and thumbnail generator

Week 10 November 7-11

Tuesday November 1: Cole and Mark are available to meet with project teams by appointment

Thursday November 3: Project Charrette

Checklist for Week 10:

Course blog

  • Complete the 9th final RR reflection by Sunday evening
  • Make any final changes to your course blog—from choosing a new theme to customizing the theme you choose
  • (Re)consider the title and tagline of your course blog. (Re)consider the title of each of your blog posts (Research Reflections)
  • Curate the writing on your course blog

Project Site

  • Project teams should schedule time this week to work on the Project Sites in preparation prepare for the Project Site Previews next week. Cole and Mark will provide details and expectations at our project charrette this week

Week 11 November 14-18

Tuesday November 15: Project team meetings: 2:00-2:30 Casey and Julia(UNC Asheville); 2:30-3:00 Emily and John(SUNY Geneseo); 3:00-3:30(Keene State College)

Thursday November 17 Preview Institutional Project Sites. Each team will have twenty minutes to showcase the Project Site

Week 12 November 21-25

Tuesday November 22: Cole and Mark will conference with project teams: 2:00 Casey and Julia 2:30-3:00 and 3:00-3:30 Abby. Emily and John TBA

The due date for the Project Sites is Tuesday November 29th. Please enjoy your holiday break. Please also give yourself time and space between November 22 and November 29th to complete the Project Sites. Mark and Cole will be available by email if you need assistance.