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Go Forth to Serve will encapsulate the history of the transformation of what is now Keene State College through connections with its alumni, students, faculty, and community members in Keene, New Hampshire.

Keene State is over 100 years old, and therefore the rich history may not be able to be viewed in an accessible format. Through this site, those who want to learn more about Keene State can acquire the information they desire without needing to work through dense material.


I plan on using different tabs and categories such as a timeline, a collection of personal narratives/interviews, and my own research reflections.

I like the idea of using Google Maps to show where the buildings are and a timeline of when and why they were built. A timeline of important national events relating to college campuses (certain wars, Kent State, etc.) and Keene-related events (1938 hurricane, 2005 flood, 2014 Pumpkin Festival) would be interesting to connect our campus with the rest of the world.

I want to try to interview–or find an interview/story of–someone who attended Keene State in each of its decades. We have a microphone and could create a Soundcloud account to gather these stories. Also, I’m the fifth person in my immediate family to attend Keene State, so that is a really interesting story to tell.


I’m going to try to get all of my interviews and narratives done by the beginning of November so I can have all my materials ready and spend November creating and fine-tuning the site itself. If a certain crucial interview is going to be difficult to get done by that timeline, then so be it.

I want to spend most of the next couple of weeks identifying and isolating major events for my timeline so I can then start forming the timeline. Ideally, I will have all of my events done by October 12th. I would like to have all of my information gathered by the week before Thanksgiving.

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