So Long and Thanks for all the Feedback

Well, this is it.  In just over a week, Julia and I will present our final version of the UNCA site.  I know Abby presents tomorrow, so I wish her the best of luck.  I honestly feel invested in not just my own, but everyone’s projects at this point.  After spending so many weeks looking at each other’s sites, I feel a genuine excitement when I see how far they’ve come now, and am excited to see them present this week.  It’ll be a weird feeling after next Tuesday when I won’t be meeting with everyone to discuss changes to all of our sites.  I expressed a lot of this in my previous post, but I am very happy that Julia and I finally got our project into a nice working order, and am hopeful that our work will be apparent when we present.  For some closing thoughts, I just wanted to reflect on the impact our interviews had on me.  Beyond just giving us content for our project, I genuinely learned a substantial amount about our campus and had a rejuvenation in my interest of public history for the first time in a while.  I spoke to a lot of people I otherwise wouldn’t have, and learned so much, and for that, I am very thankful.  I just wanted to give a final “thank you” to Abby, John, and Emily for feedback throughout the life of the project, Mark and Cole for dealing with us for a whole semester, Julia for being contractually obligated to be my groupmate, and anyone out there who has actually kept up with my project blog.  Thanks, everyone.  

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