NAPLA Project Contract: SUNY Geneseo


Project Thematic:  How public access to the liberal arts changed due to Geneseo’s entrance to the SUNY system, and how being a part of this system has affected liberal arts at Geneseo—as well as how liberal arts at Geneseo has affected the SUNY system.


Intended audience:  Alumni, students, faculty, high school students looking at Geneseo


Possible Interviewees: Gene Stelzig, Ron Herzman, Gerard Floriano, student campus tour guides


Site Structure/Design

  • Name: to be determined as we continue with research
  • Theme: Each choose three themes—we’ll decide on the best ones
    • Enigma, Square, Pinnacle
  • Pages
    • Timeline page—several timelines:  National, SUNY, Geneseo—combined:  we will use timeline JS
    • National history/trends in higher education, liberal arts
    • SUNY history
    • SUNY Geneseo history
    • Local history
    • Audio archive page for interviews (integrated into other pages as needed)
    • Page(s?) with descriptions of COPLAC and NAPLA
    • Bibliography
  • COPLAC and NAPLA logos in the header, links in the sidebar


Schedule of Milestones

  • October 7th: Submit IRB before fall break
  • October 11th: Have our website up, functional, and pretty
  • October 14th: have complete list and arrangements made for interviews—as well as questions
  • October 22nd: Print-based Research for national, SUNY, Geneseo, and local histories
  • October 27th: Complete preliminary print-based research pages on the website and create/complete timelines
  • November 3rd: have interviews completed
  • November 10th : have interviews transcribed
  • November 14th: Preview of site in class; draft complete: main theme and details of site finalized, all interviews up, and those posts completed, have audio archive updated, finalized timelines, any images scanned and uploaded
  • November 29th: Final, revised site due


Division of Work

  • John: National history/trends and SUNY pages
  • Emily: SUNY Geneseo and local history pages
  • Work for interviews will be divided equally; exact division depends on scheduling

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