The Progression of a Project

My research from the past week has kept the process of our project moving along nicely.  I’ve been looking into documents concerning the IRB at UNCA, and it seems for the sake of our project, we are exempt from having to fill out any requests.  Going off of that, we are preparing for our interview with Dr. Darin Waters next week, the first step in our process of meeting our timeline goals.  As hypothesized in class, these deadlines are already shaky, as our original interview time has been rescheduled for next week.  However, after that interview, I think I’ll feel much more confident with how the project will be formatted in the long run, as we’ll have a reference to go off of for our subsequent interviews.   As for how this relates to the humanities, I feel that the opportunity to interview people in the university and the community about the history of our city and campus is definitely an example of an education fueled by the humanities.  The continuing integration of the digital aspects of the humanities into our course should also factor into our interviews, especially with professors, as it seems to be the natural progression of the liberal arts education.



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