Project Contract

Julia Bone, Casey Brown

October 2nd, 2016

  1. Long, C. Woodcox

DH 373

Project Contract


Our mission is to create a historical narrative of the University of North Carolina at Asheville’s development. We would like to digitally map the development of the liberal arts alongside the development of our campus. Our website will function as a digital exhibit of UNC Asheville’s history and its relationship with the liberal arts. We intend to create a website that would be helpful for anyone with an academic interest in the liberal arts, or the overall history of the UNCA campus. As part of a larger project in our COPLAC course, we will exemplify the growth of a liberal arts university through our school’s unique background.

We will utilize WordPress to allow a multifaceted experience, complete with text, images, and audio. We will link a timeline through TimeLineJS onto our site to create a more interactive experience. We will pay special attention to the aspects of war and the GI Bill for their influences in the development of our campus’ history, along with the impact of tourism on the city and university.


  • We will be using WordPress, with the Twenty Fourteen layout. WordPress is easy to navigate and has all of the tools we believe are necessary to properly convey our project’s purpose.
  • We will also utilize TimelineJS. Any image editing can be handled through Photoshop. TimeLineJS will be used to detail important events throughout our university’s history, as well as events that impacted liberal arts and higher education that affected our school. Link to TimeLineJS:
  • We will upload video components through YouTube and link through our website.
  • We are also considering uploading images from our experiences working on the project, as well as relevant photos of our university that will add historical context. We will go to our university’s Special Collections archive to find photographs that we see suitable for our project.
  • To conduct interviews, we will be using lapel microphones and potentially cameras for recording, which can be found through either our university library or the Mass Communication department.


  • Design, and build a website using WordPress by October 11th.
  • Conduct first interview with Dr. Darin Waters of the UNCA History Department by October 13th.
  • Conduct interview with Gene Hyde, Special Collections archivist at UNCA, by October 21st.
  • Conduct 3rd, 4th, and 5th interviews by the end of October.
  • Compile interviews with timeline by November 1st.
  • Finish website and add all components for project and prepare presentation for final due date.

Who will be doing what:

  • We will cooperatively interview Dr. Darin Waters. Julia will interview Gene Hyde.  Casey will be handling the third and fourth interview, and Julia the fifth.
  • We will cooperatively design and create our WordPress website.
  • Casey will be using TimeLineJS to create the timeline; Julia will research and find information that will be laid out in the timeline.

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